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Ludus is what every innovative entrepreneur in the entertainment business and services field needs!

We live in a world of innovation and technological wonders and the diversity of objects influenced by computer technology and robotics is so dynamic that people of any age simply cannot avoid using digital products in at least some aspects of their everyday lives.

The technical characteristics of the numerous digital products vary so much sometimes that searching for, figuring out and choosing a specific product may become a tedious and complicated process.

At Ludus, we can help you find your way around more quickly, as well as plan and define what you are looking for. More importantly, we can offer you various options to meet your every need and implement successful projects within the budget and time frame set by you.

You are looking for something truly different, something wild, something on the cutting edge of modern technology, such as a coffee-shop or bar table which is equipped with a touch screen, has Internet access, offers card games or other types of multiplayer games? Look no further! We've got it.

You run or are about to launch a billiard (game) hall, a mall, a hotel, a restaurant, a bar or you just want to have an interactive and multifunctional entertainment area – don't hesitate, contact us!

Our team of experts will offer you a full array of services - from the interior planning through the different product ranges (which we supply in the capacity of an official representative and/or distributor) to the finishing touches, including maintenance, servicing and even promoting your already implemented and functioning project.


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